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Blue Jays re-sign RHP Marco Estrada (!)

The Toronto Blue Jays have officially announced the re-signing of RHP Marco Estrada, to a one-year $13-million contract extension.

Last night around 11pm EST, MLB insider JP Morosi tweeted out that the Blue Jays were close to re-signing Estrada to a one year deal. About 13 hours later, the Jays made it official!

Estrada has been pitching for the Jays since the 2015 “dream season”. Many fans don’t know (or remember), that the Estrada started as a relief pitcher for the Blue Jays, before being converted to a starter later in the 2015 season! In 3 seasons with the Jays, he has had a combined ERA of 3.82 and has played over 94 games for them.

This re-signing gives a head start to what seems to be like a challenging upcoming off-season for the Jays team/front office. With 4 (?) pending free agents on the current 40-man roster. Along with all of the outfield, backup catcher, and relief pitching priorities.

It’s nice to know that a quality starter in Estrada will be on our team for yet another season!

You can check out some Estrada highlights from his 2016 season down below! And from the 2015 season, here!

Alyssa Cohen

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