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Injury Update: Devon Travis

It’s getting to the point where I should start calling this blog “Toronto Blue Jays Injury Updates”, or at least that’s what it’s starting to feel like.

Toronto Blue Jays second basemen Devon Travis was sent to the 10 day D.L. yesterday, after getting diagnosed with an inside bone bruise on his right knee. Surprisingly, his wrist is fine, after being hit on June 4. Last season, Travis had surgery on the same right knee, but for an outside of the knee bruise, not inside.

“That’s where it hurts the most,” he said. “You just think about everything you did in the off-season and obviously coming off an injury last year and the year before as well, it’s tough. It’s probably my emotions running out of me right now, all those hard days of work, two-a-days, getting to Florida on the third day of January, just doing all I could to get back on the field because I wanted to be there for the team.

“Now I’m in a little bit of the same spot again, it just doesn’t make much sense to me,” he continued. “I don’t have time to feel bad for myself, though, this is my career, this is what I love to do and this is what I signed up for. I know all this comes along with it. I’ll get through it.”

It’s hard not to feel bad for Travis. He is one of the Blue Jays best hitters, but he can’t seem to catch a break. He has not yet had a season in the big leagues without a DL stint.

“There are some similarities, for sure,” Travis said. “The bone bruise, I hate that word. It sounds so simple, it hurts so bad. There are similarities, for sure. It’s in a different part of my knee this time, that’s the difference in feeling. But when it comes to pain, and how I feel when I move my leg, very similar.”

To replace the absence of Travis in the lineup, Gibbons has said that they will be platooning between utility players Ryan Goins and Darwin Barney with the occasional appearance of Chris Coghlan. Goins, Barney, and Coghlan have stepped up their game, thanks to the reoccurring injuries of the “made of glass” 2017 Toronto Blue Jays 25-man roster. However, nobody can replace the value of a ‘Healthy Devon Travis’.

The Toronto Blue Jays play their final game in Oakland this afternoon at 3:35pm (I will be tweeting during the game!). They look to avoid the sweep, after losing their first series in the last six they have played.

Alyssa Cohen

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