Injury Update

Injury Update: Steve Pearce

On May 14, Blue Jays LF Steve Pearce left the game in the second inning with a right calf strain. After hitting a double into the right-centre gap, Pearce immediately stood up to signal that something was wrong and walked right into the clubhouse.

The Jays have already been hit by the “DL bug” and were one of the first teams to do so.

Later in the game, Carerra had a very minor encounter with the home-plate umpire, but did not get ejected. The Jays could not have afforded for him to get ejected, as there were no other bench players that could fill in. If that had happened, they could have dropped the DH and put Smoak in the outfield, and Morales at first base.

The next day after the game, Pearce had an MRI (#LetsMRIs) which showed a right calf strain, landing him a spot on the never-ending DL.

The Blue Jays first brought up P Leonel Campos, but optioned him back down to AAA so they could bring up utility player Darrell Ceciliani.

Pearce joins Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki, J.A. Happ, Fransisco Liriano, Russell Martin, Dalton Pompey, Bo Schultz, and Glenn Sparkman on the DL.

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