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Injury Update: Aaron Sanchez

Aaron Sanchez has been added to the 10-day DL with a blister problem. What now?

Early this morning, the Toronto Blue Jays announced that SP Aaron Sanchez would be added onto the 10 day disabled list (DL) due to a blister issue that he has been having on his right hand (pitching hand). They have since added RHP Matt Darmody onto the 25-man roster to take over his spot.

Ever since the start of Spring Training, Aaron Sanchez has been having issues with a reoccurring blister. According to sources, this blister problem has been effecting his pitching mechanics, which could explain the uncharacteristic start that he made on Friday.

Sanchez will reportedly be seeing a hand specialist during the next ten days to figure out some next steps and a potential treatment process.

The CBA rule change has made the original 15-day DL, now become the 10-day DL. Thanks to that change, pitchers that are in similar situations to Sanchez will only have to miss one start, if the injury started the day of/after their last start or pitching appearance. Therefore, Sanchez has been on the DL since April 15, and will be eligible to come off of it on April 25.

Something that the Jays were worried about heading into the season was regarding their starting pitching depth. If a starting pitcher were to get injured, who would replace them? Now that Hutchison is no longer in the organization, the replacement will be unclear. Hopefully the Jays will be able to stick with a 4-man rotation, instead of a 5-man.

UPDATE: Aaron Sanchez had a procedure performed on his right middle finger by Dr. Glenn Goldstein yesterday in Kansas City to remove a portion of his fingernail. He should resume throwing in a few days.

Are you worried about Aaron Sanchez and about how his absence could affect the club?

Alyssa Cohen

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