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Injury Update: Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson has been battling with a calf injury since the end of the 2016 season, but just nine games into the regular season, the calf injury seems to have returned.

Originally, Donaldson had a hip injury that started bothering him last season. It then went on to become a calf injury, which is where the injury stands today.

During Spring Training, Donaldson tweaked his calf within days of the first workout. He shared that it was in a different spot than last years calf injury and was within the right calf. Now, Donaldson has re-aggravated that same right calf injury.

On April 9, 2017, against the Tampa Bay Rays, Donaldson seemed to hurt himself while running to first base. He left the game after the play in the sixth inning, replaced by utility INF Ryan Goins. Donaldson was listed as day to day, skipping the home opener (but came in to pinch hit in the ninth inning) and coming into both Wednesday and Thursday’s games as the DH (designated hitter).

On April 13, 2017, against the Baltimore Orioles, Donaldson exited the game in the bottom of the sixth inning after hitting a double that brought in JosĂ© Bautista, resulting in the only run the Blue Jays would score throughout the entire game. After hitting first base, Donaldson limp-skipped to second base and was removed immediately after, replaced by Jays backup catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. At the end of the game, Gibbons shared his comments on the situation, stating that it was “basically the same injury” and the training staff will have a better diagnosis on it tomorrow.

It is currently unclear as to whether Donaldson will take a few games rest, or be put on the disabled list. Could the cause of this reoccuring injury be due to the fact that the previous calf injury may not have been fully healed? We are not so sure about that.

Josh Donaldson is one of the Blue Jays most valuable players, and with the season starting on the negative end, losing Donaldson would be crucial to the entire Toronto Blue Jays organization.

UPDATE: The Toronto Blue Jays have announced that Josh Donaldson will be going on the 10-day DL. They have called up 3B Chris Coghlan from AAA Buffalo.

Alyssa Cohen

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