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The Best 2017 Toronto Blue Jays Live Game Tips and Tricks (@ Rogers Centre)

If you follow my blog regularly, I assume you are a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays and plan on going to a Jays game this season (if you live in the area).

Thanks to Liz (@Biggles14), Karen (@KarenSoutar1), Joshua Barbour, Tine McLennan, Christian Weaver and Cheryl Lowry, I have compiled a list of the best tips and tricks for seeing a game at the Rogers Centre, while making the most out of your visit!

For Home Games (at the Rogers Centre)…

  • When arriving at the Rogers Centre, you can go in through ANY gate.
  • On week nights, gates open at 5:30pm, and you can watch batting practice until 6:15pm.
  • On weekends, gates are open at 11:00am, and watch batting practice until around 12:15pm.
  • You can visit the “WestJet Flight Deck” free of charge (not on Opening Day), and can stand there during the entire game. If you plan on doing this, you can buy the cheapest ticket the Jays have to offer.
  • You can bring in sealed water bottles.
  • If you are over 18, you can visit the “Designated Driver” booth. There is one located on every level (100, 200, 500) and complete a designated driver form with your drivers license. They will then give you a free soda fountain drink coupon which can be redeemed at any point during the game.
  • You can take your own food and sealed drinks (not cans) to the stadium. Considering they charge $5 for a soda, and $7-15 for food, this is a good thing to keep in mind.
  • Avoid taking a purse to the game, take a wristlet that can hold your phone, ID, and some cash/cards. This way you can get through security much faster, rather than the security guards digging through a big backpack or purse.
  • The best way from Waterloo way is to hop on the train from Oakville into T.O. core. Parking is free and the train ride is around $10.

Away Games (in a ballpark other than the Rogers Centre):

  • At Yankee stadium (home of the New York Yankees), go to see monument park before the game it’s well worth it.
  • Progressive Field (home of the Cleveland Indians) is a lovely ballpark, lots of nice food options. Expect lots of Jays fans at games.
  • In Tropicana Field (home of the Tampa Bay Rays), you can find a lot of Jays fans, but the overall stadium is not nearly as nice as Rogers Centre. If you are in southern Florida, make the drive up to Marlins Park (home of the Miami Marlins).
  • In Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox), the fans tend to be very friendly, even though the Jays are an AL East rivalry team.
  • In Safeco Field (home of the Seattle Mariners), there is always a packed house full of Jays fans for all of the games that the Jays play in Seattle. Although, you are NOT allowed to bring in any liquids.
  • Arrive early to away games, as the Jays have batting practice last (most of the time), and tend to sign autographs/take pictures to the few fans who are there.

Thanks to all who helped contribute to this post! If you have any helpful tips that I missed, feel free to comment them down below for all to see.

Countdown Update: 2 More Days until Opening Day!

Alyssa Cohen

8 comments on “The Best 2017 Toronto Blue Jays Live Game Tips and Tricks (@ Rogers Centre)

  1. Cheryl Montana

    Awesome tips!!! I had no idea that you can bring in your own soda’s, water and food!! That’s a huge savings for a large family!!
    Thanks for sharing 😊


    • I am glad I could help! Thanks for reading!


    • Paul Nieuwland

      Bottled soda..not cans. You can bring in the single serving sized bottles of water, Coke, etc. Think 500ml size, but not a can of Coke, etc. I bring in water, snacks, sandwiches, etc. without issue as long as the container is soft sided (so no glass sandwich containers or hard sided coolers). You can bring in a soft sized cooler with some water and food, which I see a lot of families do up in the 500s to save a few bucks. Don’t blame them and they can enjoy an affordable afternoon of baseball that way!


  2. If you every get a chance to see Jays Away games in Baltimore and Philly….do it!
    Baltimore – stay outside the city and take a train into the downtown core. We stayed south at a courtyard hotel – free shuttle to the train stop and back. Plan a day there – lots to do and see. Train stops right outside the stadium. Beautiful park….Eutaw street – awesome! Fans and staff very friendly! We took the ferrys and visited some cool spots
    Philly – we drove – paid for parking…had no issues. Another fantastic open air park. Fans are so friendly. Easy drive back to where we stayed…near Valley Forge Park.


  3. At Safeco field you can bring in empty water bottles and use the fountain to fill them same you a lot of $.


  4. Joelle Plante

    Great tips Alyssa!!! Going on April 30th to see the Jays and to get Stroman’s jersey… I thought you HAD to go to your own gate only… buy how early should I get it’s a Sunday afternoon?


    • Thank you Joelle, I’m glad I could help! For a giveaway day, I recommend you go around 11:00am. I know that may sound early, but there are thousands upon thousands of people who lineup early to get jerseys. If you are in line around 10:30am, that should basically guarantee you a jersey. Unless it’s a sellout, then I would recommend 10am.


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