The Case For Ryan Goins

Toronto Blue Jays IF Ryan Goins is out of options. If Goins were to be left off of the 2017 25-man roster, the Jays would have to put him on waivers, making him available by any major league baseball team to claim. Since Goins is a major league level player, it is more likely than not that he would be claimed by an organization, leaving the Jays with one less utility player.

If you don’t know what the term “options” translates to, here is a great definition from MLB. “A player can go up and down several times in one season, but it would only count as one option for the year. In other words, a player can ride the proverbial shuttle up and down numerous times over the course of one season and it will still only count as one option. If a player hits the magic number and the third option is up, that’s when the term ‘out of options’ comes up. Once the three options are used up, the Major League team cannot send the player down without trying to put him through waivers. That, in turn, exposes the player to the other 29 teams, who are all given an opportunity to claim him.”

This is the kind of situation that led to baseball executives wanting a 26th spot on the roster. Instead, they bargained for a 10-day DL. But for someone like Goins who is out of options, the 10-day DL doesn’t benefit him. It is more of a disadvantage.

The biggest debate going on right now is whether Darwin Barney is better than Goins, and vice versa. While Goins has been with the Blue Jays for several years (and can be considered a Toronto Blue Jays veteran), Barney is arguably better than (or at least equal to) Goins. In my opinion, Goins and SS Troy Tulowitzki are a great pair together in the infield, while Barney and Tulo are “OK”. Goins also has a great presence in the clubhouse, while Barney’s clubhouse presence is somewhat unknown in the media.

Losing a great utility player like Ryan Goins will definitely hurt the Blue Jays in the long run, so what can they do to keep him? Not much. Unless the Blue Jays have a significant injury to one of the 25-man roster position players (forcing them to go onto the 60-day DL) , the Jays will have to put him on waivers.

If the Blue Jays feel that Ryan Goins is the weakest player and unable to make the 25-man roster, the right thing would be for the Blue Jays to trade him, and give him the opportunity to potentially play everyday.

Now you ask, “Do I (Alyssa) think that Ryan Goins will be on the Blue Jays 25-man roster for the start of the 2017 season?” Well, you will have to wait until Friday to find out!

Alyssa Cohen

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