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REPORT: Gibbons Signs a 2-Year Contract Extension

(Hi friends! Quick snippet of some info for this weeks posts that you should know. I have a science test, math test, business test and art project due during this week. Therefore, these next few posts will have been scheduled/pre-written. This is also the reason that I will not be very active on twitter this week. To get to the point, any small Jays news will not be written about this week, and some of last weeks news will be posted this week instead. Unless the Jays trade _____, then I will make a post about it. Anyways, lets get to the post. Have a fantastic week!)

As reported by multiple sources, Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons agreed to a two year contract extension, with a club option for the 2020 season.

Gibbons has received many mixed feelings throughout the past several seasons. Starting from his unexpected come back, his feet on the table, and his laid back personality (which is certainly not a bad thing). The thing about good ol’ “Gibby” is that he likes to give the players a chance to lead, which can lead to many different outcomes. With this team, the Jays have great leaders including Troy Tulowitzki and Russell Martin. Therefore, Gibby does not have to do much. But with the 2013 team, the “leading players” were not very existent.

Unlike former Jays GM Alex Anthopolous, Gibbons hit it off with Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins from the very beginning, which blossomed into a great relationship. Anthopolous and Shapiro reportedly disagreed on some things, which resulted in him leaving the Blue Jays. It is wonderful to see a front office have so much trust in their manager.

So, what do you think about the Blue Jays bringing back John Gibbons? Tweet me your opinions @aalyssacohen!

Alyssa Cohen

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