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Blue Jays Renew Aaron Sanchez’s Contract

The Toronto Blue Jays have renewed Aaron Sanchez’s contract for the 2017 season to the major league minimum of $537,000 USD, as first reported by Bob Elliott.

Last season, Sanchez earned $517,800 USD, but was raised this year because the minimum pay increased thanks to the new basic agreement.

Sanchez was offered more, but Boras and himself declined. Therefore, Atkins kicked in the longtime Blue Jays policy and gave him the minimum as a result (no negotiation). The policy consists of “If a pre-arbitration player declines the initial proposal, minimum wage will be offered.” (Thanks to Michel on Facebook for pointing this out to me and for me to put it in the post.)

As most you already know, Aaron Sanchez had record of 15-2, and was crowned the ERA champion after finishing the season with an ERA of 3.00. His win percentage was also .882, the best in the american league.

According to Scott Boras (Sanchez’s new agent), the process could be described as “… the harshest treatment any team could provide a player.”

After having the highest ERA and win percentage in the american league, did Boras (and Sanchez) expect the Jays to offer him more than minimum. I would say yes. Although, the Jays have strict policy when it comes to renewing contracts, and Sanchez’s contract was no exception.

When asked about the process of renewing Sanchez’s contract, GM Ross Atkins said “This is a policy that was put in place 10 years ago. I don’t see it as punitive, we don’t see it as punitive because it’s your choice to not accept the higher number.”

A team that Scott Boras could have been looking at could have been the New York Mets. The Mets renewed (former Jays farm system player) Noah Syndergaard’s (2017) contract to $605,000 USD, a significantly higher amount than what the Jays will be paying Sanchez.

We still have quite a bit of time until Sanchez is arbitration-eligible (after the end of the 2017 season), and even more time until he becomes a free agent (after the 2020 season).

Alyssa Cohen

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