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David Price’s Injury and What That Means to the Toronto Blue Jays (and Entire AL East)

David Price is a major key within the starting rotation for the Boston Red Sox. But, if David Price cannot pitch throughout the entirety of the season, what does this mean to the American League (East)?

On March 2, 2017, the Boston Red Sox publicly shared the news of David Price and his injury. After announcing that he was going to miss his first spring training start with the Red Sox of 2017, fans and writers a like demanded reasoning. News quickly spread about his apparent elbow soreness, and how he may not be able to pitch this season. The Boston Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski and manager John Farrell were quick in responding to the statements made about Price, and addressed the media in a respectful manner. They stated that they were going to be getting a “second opinion” for the matter, and have seeked the help of Dr. James Andrews to do so. Whenever Dr. Andrews is needed, that assures you that things are not doing well.

While the Boston Red Sox still have Rick Porcello, Chris Sale, Drew Pomeranz, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Steven Wright, Price would still be a huge loss. David Price eats up about 200 innings every year, plus even more in the postseason. Meaning that he acts as two starters, rather than one (based on innings and previous statistics). And with the seven year contract that the Boston Red Sox gave to Price, they will essentially be throwing $33 million down the drain.

As a Toronto Blue Jays fan who was a huge fan of David Price while he was a Jay, I can’t say I am too upset about the circumstances. Sure, the whole event is sad, but I am sure glad that the Jays won’t have to face him for potentially an entire season. Regardless, I still wish him the best of luck (expect when facing the Jays!).

So what does mean to the American League East? Well, for one thing they won’t have to face a 2012 Cy Young Award winner every few weeks. David Price has shown major success while pitching in the American League East for so long. For teams in the American League that have a lot of left handed hitters, it definitely helps them out with the righty-lefty hitting match up.

For the Toronto Blue Jays specifically, the injury of Price means they are that much closer to being the potential favourites to with the division. While I still think the Boston Red Sox have a lock on it, losing a major starter in David Price evens out the playing field for the Jays and could potentially make our starting rotation that much better.

Alyssa Cohen

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