Blue Jays Weekly Round Up

Real Fake Games, Or Fake Real Games?: Toronto Blue Jays 2017 Spring Training Guide

Have you started seeing your favourite Blue Jays tweeters or Sportsnet journalists in a sunny place without snow? Well friends, that can only mean one thing… they are in Dunedin for Spring Training!

With Spring Training starting, means updates on players (and now rules) throughout the entire MLB.

These past few weeks have been quite eventful in Blue Jays land, and I’m going to recap the ins and outs for you right now.


  • Casey Lawrence will be starting on Saturday (today) against the Atlanta Braves in Disney(!).
  • Joe Biagini starts on Sunday (tomorrow) for the Jays Spring Training home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Marcus Stroman starts on Monday against the Pittsburgh Pirates at 1:07pm.
  • Mat Latos was scheduled to start on Monday, but since Gibbons has given Stroman the go ahead, I assume Latos would start on Tuesday.

Position Players

  • Tulowitkzki is getting an extra week of training and will not be playing until next week.
  • Russel Martins’ plan for Spring Training is limited catching (giving the other guys some chance to get familiar with all of the pitchers) and he will be playing a lot of DH. I am not exactly sure how that factors into Kendrys Morales, though.

As of right now, those are all of the Spring Training updates. This post will be updated when new things come up. Just like during the regular season, I will be live tweeting all of the televised Spring Training games (at least the ones that are on during the weekend)! Follow me here to live tweet along with me!

Alyssa Cohen

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