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One Year of Alyssa Cohen MLB

It has been one entire year since I posted my first ever blog post on Alyssa Cohen MLB.

I remember exactly where I was when I posted it. I was on my bed when I first hit submit, and believe me when I say I didn’t think my blog would turn out like it is today.

It’s crazy to think how many things have changed since that first blog post. I was in a different school, had different friends, and had been only 6 months into the Jays twitter community. A year ago, we didn’t know the impact of Encarnacion, the turf-toe days of Bautista, or the fist pumps of Jason Grilli. We didn’t know how the Jays would play in 2016, but we knew that we would be headed into the Playoffs one way or another. We didn’t know about the hard days in September, or that once in a generation wild-card game.

From all of the Blue Jays memories I’ve posted on it, along with all of the milestones it has had, it’s truly been one of the best things in my life. But that’s all thanks to you. If you read my posts in your email, click on a link on Facebook or Twitter, or follow my blog through WordPress, it’s thanks to you that I do this. I have so much fun interacting with you all every single day about the Blue Jays on Twitter and Facebook, and it shows that we are one big community cheering for the best team in the best city playing the best game in the world. 

So, here’s to next season. Where we will ring in the 2018 season with a new banner, and you all know what we want it to say on that banner. 2017 World Series Champions.

Alyssa Cohen

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