Baseball and Books: Bat Flip – The Greatest Toronto Blue Jays Stories Ever Told & GIVEAWAY!

Hello friends, it has been a while since I have written a post for you all! You can thank the lack of the Blue Jays front office activity for that (although according to Steven Brunt “something’s cooking” inside the Jays front office).

I have been wanting to make this post/series for a while since some of you know that I have a book blog, and love to read books… especially about baseball! I get a countless amount of people (whether it be in real life or social media) asking about the best baseball/Blue Jays related books that I have ever read. And now I will be creating a series of posts all about it! (FYI: Regular Jays related content will be posted once something major happens. Rather than rumours about the “Strochez” break up and Donaldson’s potential new girlfriend.) (#2 FYI: These posts will not be going out regularly, just when there is not much Jays news like now.)

In September, I received a copy of a book from Mr. Keith McArthur entitled “Bat Flip: The Greatest Toronto Blue Jays Stories Ever Told“. It is a compilation of some of the best Jays related stories (ever told). I was lucky enough to receive the book to review, and giveaway one! To find out my thoughts and how you can win a copy, keep on reading!

DISCLAIMER: I received the book “Bat Flip : The Greatest Toronto Blue Jays Stories Ever Told” for review purposes only. I am not being payed or influenced in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Here is the synopsis taking off of Goodreads.com:

When Jose Bautista homered and flipped his bat in the 2015 playoffs, Blue Jays frenzy reached a fever pitch not seen since Joe Carter’s 1993 World Series home run. Those two home runs still bring tears and chills to Jays fans. And each season, each game, each at bat holds triumphs, heartbreaks and surprises of its own. In Bat Flip, editor Keith McArthur curates the very best writing about the Toronto Blue Jays, from the tragic postscript to Doug Ault’s 1977 opening day heroics to John McDonald’s emotional Father’s Day tribute. This collection brings together writing from players, journalists and fans. With a cast of characters that includes heroes, zeros, cheats and liars, Bat Flip is a must read for every Toronto Blue Jays fan.

This book was so great. It included a great collection of stories from around the entire organization, as well as some writer/fan stories.

My personal favourite story was “The Bat Flip 2: Baseball and Belonging” written by Keith McArthur. The story was about taking his son to a ballgame, and all of the things that happened there. It was a wonderful story, and showed how amazing the organization is.

I personally connected to many of the stories inside, and it made me very excited for spring training (which is only 34 days away!!!!). You could tell that each author connected to their story, and were writing from their heart. All of the writers are either Jays fans or organization members, so it was easy to connect to their opinions.

Inside, you will find stories written by respected Blue Jays members of the organization, such as R.A. Dickey, Buck Martinez and Stacey May Fowles. All of the stories are great, and will sure make any Blue Jays fan happy!

I really have no “constructive criticism” to talk about for this book. All of these stories were very professionally written and had a great source of both statistics and personal opinions/emotions.

Overall, I would recommend this book immensely to all fans of the Toronto Blue Jays!


I have teamed up with author Keith McArthur to giveaway one physical copy of the book Bat Flip: The Greatest Toronto Blue Jays Stories Ever Told! In order to enter to potentially win, you must follow these rules:

  • Entries are open from January 11, 2017 at 5:30pm EST, to January 31, 2017 at 11:59pm EST
  • You must have be a legal resident of Canada, over the age of 18 or have permission from your parents/guardians.

To enter, you must be following me on Twitter @aalyssacohen and RETWEET my current pinned tweet! If you do not have twitter, you can just fill out the next step (but following me on twitter/retweeting my pinned tweet counts as an additional entry). You must also fill out this quick form below, verifying that you have read this post and giving me your email address so that I contact you if you win.

I hope that you are all excited for the giveaway! If you win, you will be contacted via email on February 1, 2017.

I hope you all enjoyed this review and giveaway! Thanks to Keith McArthur for the incredible book, and I hope that you will pick up a copy of it soon. You can follow the twitter account of the book here, which I greatly encourage!

Alyssa Cohen

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