Toronto Blue Jays 2017 Free Agents Update

We have about 50 days until spring training starts (aka pitchers and catchers report) and almost all of the 2017 Toronto Blue Jays free agents are still free agents. Surprising? For some players yes, for some players not. But with a poor free agent market this offseason, you would have to think that for some teams these players could be a “cheap but perfect” fit.

A few months ago, I made a post highlighting both the Blue Jays current free agents that were on the team last season, as well as priorities that the Jays should make towards those free agents. While some plans have gone as planned, others have not.

Let’s go through the list and see where each players stands as of today (December 27, 2016). (NOTE: This will only be for Major League Jays free agents, not Minor League.)

  • Jose Bautista
    • Bautista is still a free agent. Journalists and executives are saying that the draft pick attached to his name is making teams weary of him/his contract, and for the Blue Jays the draft pick is very valuable. Bautista has reportedly said that he will accept a one year offer as long as it pays more money than the original qualifying offer given to him from the Toronto Blue Jays. Bautista has also reportedly declined several offers in hopes of coming back to Toronto.
  • Edwin Encarnacion
    • As many of you know, Edwin Encarnacion has signed with the Cleveland Indians for a 3 year/$60 million contract. You can read my post about Encarnacion here.
  • R.A. Dickey
    • A few months ago, R.A. Dickey signed with the Atlanta Braves on a one year contract. You can read my post about him here.
  • Scott Feldman
    • Feldman is still a free agent and there is no word as to where he might be headed as of late.
  • Joaquin Benoit
    • Joaquin Benoit signed a one year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies in early December.
  • Dioner Navarro
    • Navarro is right back to where he was around this time last year, since he only signed a one year deal with the Chicago White Sox in time for the 2016 season. Like Feldman, there have been no public discussion regarding him.
  • Brett Cecil
    • Although I wrote in my free agent priorities post that Cecil should have been a priority, the St. Louis Cardinals gave Brett Cecil an offer of 4 years/$30.5 million. There was no way the Blue Jays could have matched that offer, or given him any thing higher.
  • Jason Grilli
    • Since Jason Grilli had a team option on his contract, the Blue Jays would have been dumb to not have exercised it. Thank goodness they did, and you can read more about it here.
  • Michael Saunders
    • Saunders is still a free agent, but I have heard his name being thrown around. Teams are looking for left handed hitting outfielders, and that is exactly what Michael Saunders is. The Blue Jays could use him as well, but there have been no word as to whether they have offered him a contract or not.
  • Gavin Floyd
    • Gavin Floyd is still a free agent. No talks about him have come up.
  • Josh Thole
    • Thole is still a free agent, and I believe he intends to play in the 2017 season. Where exactly is not known.

Are there any free agents that you would like to see the Blue Jays sign? Even players that are not on this list? Tweet me or let me know in the comments!

Although there is only 50 days until Spring Training, there is still a lot to be done!

Alyssa Cohen


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