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F.A. Kendrys Morales signs a 3 Year, $33 Million Contract with Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays sign free agent Kendrys Morales to a 3 year/$33 million contract.

Well, the Blue Jays sure gave Jason Grilli an interesting birthday present.

On November 11, 2016, the Toronto Blue Jays signed free agent Kendrys Morales to a 3-Year $33 Million deal.

When coming home from school, I always check Twitter to see if there have been any interesting things going on in MLB, but normally I don’t find anything interesting related to our Blue Jays. But today, that trend changed!

My first reaction when finding out that Morales had signed a deal here was “S**t!!” As I immediately thought that meant that the Blue Jays were not pushing hard enough to sign Encarnacion. Then again, Edwin has proved that he could be a potential every day first baseman, leaving the option open for the Blue Jays. I think that the Jays will continue to try their hardest regarding Edwin and his future contract.

Like any contract, there were many mixed reactions, including mine (as shared above). All in all, people were quite excited. When acquiring a switch hitting DH onto a team with the majority of right handed batters, it is very exciting. Also, Morales is an “RBI Hitting Machine”, and hit 30+ home runs this past season.

I believe that adding Morales to the Blue Jays organization is going to benefit overall. This starts the hunt for the 2017 Blue Jays playoff push/offseason for the Blue Jays, and it started with a bang!

Alyssa Cohen

Note: The Blue Jays also signed top Cuban prospect Lourdes Gurriel Jr. for 7 years, $22 million. Quite an exciting day to be a Blue Jays fan!

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