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RA Dickey signs a One Year Contract with the Atlanta Braves

R.A. Dickey signs a contract with the Atlanta Braves, leaving many Blue Jays sad to see the end of our knuckleball era.

Many mixed feelings are shared among Blue Jays fans today.

Whether you only liked him for his pitching, or only liked him for his back story, RA Dickey will be missed.

About an hour ago, the Atlanta Braves (officially) announced that they have signed former Blue Jay RA Dickey to a one year contract, with a club option for 2018. No word of how much the contract is worth yet.

I will never forget the day that the Blue Jays traded for the reigning Cy Young Award winner RA Dickey for many prospects, including the infamous Noah Syndergaard, on one winter day in December 2012. That was supposed to be a Blue Jays “dream team”, but we all know what happened that year.  He was the first “big name player” that I was really excited for the Blue Jays to sign, that year I started to understand Baseball, and he was a big reason why.

To much of my surprise, many Blue Jays fans were quite saddened by the news. Even though, I thought I would be the only one. He may not have been a great pitcher for the Blue Jays, and if it were me I would not have offered him a big contract. But, he was definitely a great human in general, and offered motivation and consultation for people that had dealt with child abuse and suicidal feelings.

On behalf of the entire Blue Jays fan base, I wish RA Dickey the best on his career in the Atlanta Braves Organization, and going forward. He is one of the most genuine players in the game, and he will be greatly missed.

Alyssa Cohen

3 comments on “RA Dickey signs a One Year Contract with the Atlanta Braves

  1. I have never agreed with you more… or been more proud. Love, Dad.


  2. Very well written.


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