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2017 Free Agent Priorities

There are 10+ free agents on the 2016 Blue Jays roster, but which ones should the front office pursue?

On Friday, I wrote a blog post all about the 2017 Blue Jays free agents. Although there are many free agents, there are a few who are priority on the list that the Blue Jays should try and sign ASAP.

First up on the list is Jason “Grill Cheese” Grilli. Grilli is not a free agent this year, but he may go on to free agency if the Blue Jays do not extend his contract via club option. In order for them to extend his contract, they must commit to giving him $3million for the 2017 season. Personally, I don’t think this is a large amount of money to offer him. He was a key for the Blue Jays during their postseason push, and I believe he will be a key to the next upcoming postseason push as well.

Next, I would definitely try to sign one of the two main sluggers of the team, either Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarnacion. As told here, the Blue Jays will extend qualifying offers to both members and will try to take the exclusive time that the general manager of their former team can talk to the free agents. Although I would hope that Encarnacion would come back, I believe that Jose Bautista would take a 1-2 year contract offer because of all of his commitments and sponsorships that take place in Canada and the city of Toronto. He would probably take it because he didn’t have a great season, and wants to make a comeback. Encarnacion has stated that the Blue Jays are still his top choice in free agency, and would like to comeback to the Blue Jays next season. I believe that at least one of them will come back, and I have been saying so since the end of the 2015 season.

Then, we should look to re-sign either Brett Cecil or Joakin Benoit, who are both free agent relievers. Brett Cecil has been in the organization since 2007 when he was drafted by the Blue Jays . He got married here, and raised a family here. 10 years later, and he is not sure what to do. Cecil has been a very big asset for the entire organization and was very important to the Jays in the 2015 post season push, as well as the entire 2016 post season. On top of that, Cecil is not super old and is also a lefty, two things the Blue Jays have to focus on during the offseason this year (not just for pitchers, but for the offence as well, if not especially).

There are also other things that I may have missed that we should do. There have also been a lot of rumours surrounding who the Blue Jays want to sign this offseason. As we speak, the general manager’s of all 30 ball clubs are gathered in Arizona discussing possible signings with one another. This offseason should be a very interesting one, so be prepared for anything!

Alyssa Cohen

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