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Knock, Knock, Who’s there? 0-2 Rangers! – ALDS Game 2 Recap 2016

About one week ago, Osuna balked in the tying run at Fenway Park with the Blue Jays season on the line. Now they’re 1 win away from the ALCS. What a difference a week can make.

On October 7, 2016 the Blue Jays played what hopefully will be their final game in Texas. And although I was at school for it’s entirety, I was able to miss my afternoon classes (with teacher permission… I’m not a rebel!) and watch the 2nd-6th innings, what I think were the best innings of the game! Here’s a look at my school during “Blue Jays Day”! (FYI: I edited out some school posters and info for safety purposes.)


This was only a very small fraction over the 1000+ students that attend my high school, but it was enough to seem like we were in the Rogers Centre!

While I was eating lunch, the cafeteria erupted in a “Lets go TU-LO!” chant, even though the game was only going to start in about an hour.

When the game came on, I had to complete an assignment in my Gym class, and then our teacher let us watch the game.

Although I couldn’t watch the entire game live, I am glad to say I was able to re-watch the entire game, and now comes the recap! (It will be less detailed though, as I forgot to take notes as I was watching… silly me.)

In the second inning, TULO hit a 2-run home run off of Yu Darvish to push the Blue Jays on the scoreboard first.

With a 2-1 lead in the top of the 5th, Kevin Pillar hits a home run into left field and the Jays now lead by two runs.”I feel like I’ve gotten good pitches to hit all series,” Pillar said. “I haven’t been able to get any hits. I just stayed aggressive. I was also in a good count too. I felt like I was going to go get a fastball and put a good swing on it.” But that wasn’t the only home run they got that inning!

Two batters later, Ezequiel Carrera hits another solo shot and it’s 4-1 Blue Jays! During this time while I was watching, EVERYONE thought that the Rangers right fielder had caught the ball and before we knew it was a homer everybody said “aww.”, as in we were sad Carrera didn’t hit the home run. But, as we saw him running the bases everybody left and cheered! It was quite a funny moment.

And with two out, who better then Edwin Encarnacion to be up at bat?! Of course, he does his thing and blasts yet another solo home run and it’s 5-1 Blue Jays!! Now, when is the last time a starting pitcher has allowed 3 home runs in the same inning during the post season? Well, non other then Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox, who just happened to do it the previous day before this game! What a coincidence!

5-1 lead heading into the 8th, a little shakiness comes from Francisco Liriano and Roberto Osuna, Osuna’s first outing since the Wild Card game. Before Osuna, Liriano let two guys on base. Now two on, one out for Carlos Gomez. Gomez shoots the ball straight for Liriano’s head, and drives in a run. The exit velocity of the pitch was approximately 102mph. After the game, Liriano was taken to hospital and has a mild concussion. He will be out for the rest of this series, and will be day-to-day during the ALCS and WS. Now 5-2 Jays, Osuna gives up a run, and it’s 5-3 Jays. He strikes out the final batter to end the 8th inning, a spooky one at that.

Come the top of the ninth, no score change and Osuna gives up a leadoff hit. That hit then progresses a steal and we have a runner in scoring position with 1 out. Osuna gets the last batter to fly out, and we end the nail biter game!

Injuries so far this postseason: Benoit, Liriano, (potentially) Travis.

The Texas Rangers are now 4 for 36 with RISP against Toronto, and have now lost 5 consecutive Postseason games (continuing on from last season). We hope to make it 6 tomorrow!

JA Happ pitched an okay game, but he definitely didn’t look as sharp as he has been in previous starts. He had at least two runners on base every inning from the start of the 2nd inning, until the 6th. Yu Darvish was the worse of the two, giving up 5er in 5 innings pitched.

Now we look forward to Sunday, game 3 of the ALDS. Instead of last season where our hearts skipped a beat every time a pitch was thrown, we can look forward to an advancing series win.

It’s time to “Sanchize” Toronto.

Alyssa Cohen

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