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A Little Blue Jays Rant

This post is for fans who need a little bit of motivation to continue supporting our team!


This post is for fans who need a little bit of motivation to continue supporting our team.

Just wanted to get this off of my chest. As all of you know, I am a die hard blue Jays fan. Not a bandwagoner, a long time fan. Sure, when I watched games in 2012, I didn’t really know what I was watching. I didn’t understand the rules, or what playing well actually meant. To be honest I really didn’t like the sport. It seemed like the Blue Jays were always playing on the family TV, since my parents have been big fans ever since the team was created. When my twitter account started becoming majorly about baseball and the Blue Jays, it was around the time where we were just getting to play well. Not too well, but well enough to recognize it. Then, it was easy to cheer and watch. Knowing that the team was more then capable of winning, and look how far they got. One game always from going to the World Series. This year, there were a lot of expectations. Going into the 2016 season, people thought the team was going to win 100 games without even trying. Well guess what? That hasn’t happened yet. Fact is, other teams got much better then the previous year, but the Blue Jays stuck to what worked last season. Fast forward to now. Our Blue Jays are 2-9 in the month of September so far. Holding onto a wildcard spot by a nail. It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to be positive. I’m one of the most positive people I know, and if anybody knows a thing or to about trying to make the best of situations, that’s me. I’m literally getting emotionally drained from watching some of these games. It’s hard to cheer for a team that’s more then capable of win and just isn’t. It’s hard to hear the players say we haven’t given up, and we know we’re good enough. But when it comes to the game, it looks like they aren’t trying their hardest. It’s hard not to compare this team to other past teams. On the one hand, you can definitely compare this team to the 2015 AL East Champions. It’s almost like a carbon copy of that team. Most of the same players, but the not the same record. On the other hand, it’s hard not to compare this team to the 1987 Blue Jays. In ’87, the Blue Jays had first place locked down from about June until August. Kind of like this year. Until September came buy and crushed them. They didn’t make the playoffs at all that year. But in ’87, there was no such thing as an ALDS, not even a wildcard game. If there was, we would’ve been the AL Champions. In reality, we can’t compare this team to another one. Teams can get hot in August, and cold in September or vice versa. That is the beautifully destroying game of baseball. And although it sounds like I’ve given up, I have so much more support in me just waiting to burst. Fact is, the support is probably going to make them or break them. As Blue Jays fans, we now have to support them more then ever. The fans are a huge part of the organization, without us there would be no motivation to win. Do you think the Blue Jays would want to win the world series, but not have anyone to share it with? September could be a heart breaking month or a miracle month. We have to remember that we are Canada’s team and although we wish so much for them to do better, we can’t control it. You never know what could happen next.

Alyssa Cohen

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