Blue Jays Series Recap

2016 Series Recap: Toronto vs. San Diego – 07/25/16-07/27/16

The Toronto Blue Jays win the San Diego Padres series 2-1 with the help of our beast of a lineup and an unforgettable walk off!

Hi everyone!

After a 3 game series against the San Diego Padres, the Toronto Blue Jays win the series 2-1, with the help of our beast of a lineup and an unforgettable walk off win.

Josh Donaldson, Devon Travis, Russel Martin and Kevin Pillar played very well during this 3 game series.

During the series, the Blue Jays traded Class A Prosepect Pitcher Hansel Rodriguez in exchange for Melvin Upton Jr. and Drew Storen for RHP  Joakin Benoit.

As I will now be doing for series recaps, I will be recapping my personal favourite game of the series. As you all should expect, for this series recap I will be recapping Game 2… AKA the best Blue Jays game since ALDS Game 5!

Game 2: Blue Jays Walk-off Win 7-6 in 12 innings

Let me set this up for you before I recap this game. It’s currently 11:46pm on Tuesday (the game just finished about 30 minutes ago), my parents are both sleeping. I’m writing this blog post, while (quietly) playing Hooked on a Feeling on repeat. Now, this was not what I was anticipating the outcome for tonights game to be.

Andrew Cashner came into this ball game quite confidently. There were about eight scouts watching his performance today, and I personally think that he really should have been pulled out of today’s start. There was so much pressure for him, and I think that would’ve been fair. Marcus Stroman pitched a good first inning, and at the time he looked very confident. Cashner walked Jose Bautista to start the first inning, and the reigning MVP brought the rain and blasted a 2 run homer to make it 2-0 Blue Jays. Then, Ryan Schimpf hit an RBI double to make it a 2-1 ball game. A good few minutes later and Justin Smoak “smokes” one down the line and hits a solo homer, making it 3-1 Blue Jays.

And this is when the fun began.

With 2 on and one out, Alex Dickerson (yes, that guy) hits a 3-run homerun off of Marcus Stroman, making the score now 4-3, letting the Padres lead for the first time this series. The Padres (at this point), had homered in 24 straight games. I’ll admit, I was bummed. Especially after John Gibbons aloud Stroman to stay out not only to get the other 2 outs of the inning, but also for the entire next inning. Stroman was not really that bad, he didn’t allow any other earned runs, and had a less than solid outing.

Neither starter factored into Tuesday evening’s decision.

In the bottom of the same inning, Russel Martin scores from 3rd base on a wild pitch… that’s not the last time the Blue Jays would score on another wild pitch that night! And now we have a tied ball game 4-4.

Zooming into the future, let’s head on over to the epic 12th inning. Jesse Chavez steps in, and with a Padre on 2nd base, Matt Kemp shoots a 2 run homerun, and the scoreboard shows 6-4 Padres, definitely not what any of us hoped for. It looked as though the Padres were about to earn their first ever victory at the Rogers Centre, but we were not going to give them that satisfactory.

Just when we thought our Blue Jays were down and out, they suddenly became up and in. Devon Travis lead off the bottom half of the 12th inning with a 14 pitch at bat, which resulted in a walk (as well as a “10 feet from being a homer” foul ball play with 2 on base that would’ve won¬†the game) Toronto loaded the bases with one out for Jose Bautista, and we (once again) tied the game 6-6 from an RBI walk (Bautista), as well as a fielders choice (Josh Donaldson) that aloud a run to score (two runs in total). All of this set the stage for Padres reliever Paul Clemens. With 2 on and 2 out, Devon Travis scored the walk off run as he bolted across the 3rd base line on a wild pitch. Now, THAT is what I call a Toronto Blue Jays ball game.

After an incredible series, the Blue Jays were 5 runs short of there second series sweep this season (or would it have been third sweep… I don’t remember).

I believe that this series was almost like a glimpse into the future… or should I say October?


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