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BlueJays Trade Deadline 2016: Needs & Wants

Hi everyone!

With the MLB trade deadline just a few days away, the Blue Jays (along with all other clubs) are looking for players that will get their team to the postseason and beyond. The Blue Jays team is basically a line up full of All Stars and monsters, plus unreal starting pitching. But what’s what thing that isn’t nessicarily in line with the stars for the Blue Jays? You guessed it… the bullpen. Our starters lead the American League with the most quality starts (60+), while we (statistically) have the worst bullpen in the AL with a terrible loss record. And what better to look for before the trade deadline than a great reliever?

As my father says “Relievers come around a dime a dozen.” And although this may be true, a good one may be hard to find. Sure, there may be options on the market. From the Yankees, to the Cubs, clubs have pitchers to spare. But it all comes down to what we’d trade for them. Last year and over the past few seasons, Alex Anthopolus basically wiped out our entire farm system, other than top prospects Anthony Alford, Pat Venditte and Dalton Pompey. Can we afford to loose anyone in our 40-man roster? I’ve heard a rumour about trading Drew Storen, but what can we get for him, and what would clubs be willing to offer?

Another idea would be finding an outfielder to replace Jose Bautista. Bautista could come in for 1B and the occasional time at DH, while a new outfielder can be placed in RF. As I mentioned before, our lineup is filled with a bunch of gold glovers and silver sluggers. Why would we want to sacrafise a precious spot in our monster line up for an average or mediocre batter and/or outfielder? Well, fact is we wouldn’t. Many clubs seem to have an interest in Devon Travis, but how much are we willing to give? With Travis out of the lineup, Ryan Goins would have to be brought back up to our Blue Jays, and he’d have to play likely everyday. Goins is just recovering from an injury developed during the 19 inning Canada Day game where him and Darwin Barney ended up pitching an inning a piece. I really don’t think trading Travis for an outfielder and/or reliever would be a good idea, but that’s just my opinion.

Ross Atkins has said that he doesn’t think the Jays really need anything to make our team better, and Jose Bautista agrees.

Weighing out our options seems like the best idea at this time, but nothing can top last years trade deadline acquisitions, that made us just 90 feet away from a World Series.

Alyssa Cohen


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