Aaron Sanchez Relief -> Starter?

Hi everyone!

I hope your week has been going well. Today, we are going to be talking about Aaron Sanchez possibly becoming the Toronto BlueJays 5 or 6 starter.

Currently, the pitcher chart looks like this.


  • Stroman
  • Estrada
  • Dickey
  • Happ
  • Chavez*
  • Hutchinson*


  • Osuna
  • Sanchez
  • Cecil
  • Storen
  • Loup
  • Teppera
  • Shultz
  • Biagini

*According to multiple reporters Chavez and Hutchinson are fighting for the 5 starting pitcher spot.

With 6* starters and 8 relievers, we are not in dire need of anymore pitchers, let alone a new starter.

Sanchez was talking to media press just a few days ago (since a lot of them are around the city for the 2016 Winter Tour), and all I was hearing was “I want to be a starter.” or different variations of that statement.

“Starter, 100 per cent,” Stroman said when asked what role he envisioned Sanchez playing with the club this season. “Everything we did this year was for that. We didn’t work out twice a day for two months for him to be a reliever.

“So he’s 100-per-cent ready to go out there and go seven, eight, nine innings every five days. That’s kind of been our mentality – nine every five. That’s something that we’ve kind of been saying in the gym. And everything we’ve done, our preparation, is to start.”

“I think that’s always been my idea,” Sanchez said when asked about his ultimate desire to be a starter.

Let’s take a look at Sanchez’s stats in comparison to his best friend and teammate Marcus Stroman:

Stroman ERA 2015: 1.67
Sanchez ERA 2015: 3.22

Stroman WHIP 2015: 0.963
Sanchez WHIP 2015: 1.28

Even though Stroman’s stats are significantly higher than Sanchez’s, be aware that Sanchez played many many more games than Stroman this year. Plus Sanchez’s stats are still very good against other pitchers!

Now the choice lays in the hands of the front office. Personally, I’m not really sure of this option. Right now the pitching and defense is quite strong, and I’m not so sure that making Sanchez a starter is the right option at this point. Who know’s what will happen during the season!

A post that opened up my mind to different options earlier in the day was a post written by Ian over at The BlueJays Hunter. He discussed some very interesting options for both Sanchez and Hutchinson to start the BlueJays 2016 season. Check it out here, and tell him I sent you!

Have any thoughts about Sanchez? Comment below or throw me a tweet on my twitter!

Catch you in the Rogers Centre!


Macleod, Robert. “Sanchez Aiming to Join Blue Jays’ Rotation with Help from Stroman.” The Globe and Mail. The Globe and Mail, 19 Jan. 2016. Web. 20 Jan. 2016.

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