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Toronto BlueJays Blog!

Hi everyone!

I have always been a huge fan of the Toronto BlueJays, although this year something was different. Instead of just watching on my TV, I kicked into the social side of MLB. Being a Book Blogger for the past 2 years, has meant that I’ve always been huge on Social Media. I enjoy going home everyday to new posts and ideas on Instagram, Twitter, and more! Growing up in the time of technology has also taught me a lot! I created a Twitter account just for fun, originally it wasn’t even about the Toronto BlueJays! If you aren’t aware, there is a huge MLB community on Twitter, including fans, player and writers! If you aren’t apart of it, you’re really missing out. Once I started tweeting about the Toronto BlueJays during the summer, my following boomed, and I was exposed to (what I believe is) one of the most amazing communities on Twitter. Think of it this way… the One Direction “fandom” meets sports. It’s unbelievable! So far, I have over 350 followers, including Jose Bautista! Around September, I decided to dedicate my Twitter to only BlueJays related things, and created a personal one for other things I enjoyed. So far, I have 3 twitter accounts; one for the BlueJays, a Personal one, and one for my book blog! Thanks to twitter for the great invention of multiple accounts and being able to switch them on a tweet-to-tweet basis!

A few weeks ago, I was exposed to “MLBlogs.com”, and instantly knew this was something I had to do! To link my passion of blogging and all things “internet” with my other passion of the Toronto BlueJays, was something I had been wanting to do for a while, but I hadn’t really found the best way to approach it. When I found out about MLB Blogs I quickly applied and created one, and here we are!

I am so excited to see where my MLB Blog will take me for this upcoming season and beyond! I will be blogging about all things BlueJays, including Daily Game Summaries, Trades and Contracts, and even journal style posts when I get to go to the Rogers Center to experience a game live with my fellow BlueJays fans!

If you want to receive updates from my blog, click on the wordpress follow button, or subscribe/follow via email, to receive updates whenever I post!

To end off each post, I want to share a famous call from a Toronto BlueJays game!

“Bautista with a drive… DEEP LEFT FIELD NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!” – ALDS Game 5. Toronto vs. Texas. 6-3 Lead (after homer). October 14, 2015.

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